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Message from the chairman

Kouichi Sato Representative Director and Chairman Human Holdings Co., Ltd.
Kouichi Sato
Representative Director and Chairman
Human Holdings Co., Ltd.

I have long held one thought close to my heart; no matter how much times may change, the capabilities and possibilities of people do not. My strong belief is that people are really at the heart of everything.
Our company name, “Human”, comes from the conviction that all hopes and possibilities start with people.
There is a saying in Japanese, “To act for the world, act for people.” When people act on behalf of each other and use their abilities for society, is this not the best way to achieve self-actualization?
Our modern era continues to change, creaking forward on rusty wheels. The era of lifetime employment and advancement by seniority has crumbled away. We have arrived at a rapidly aging society supported by apathetic youth. However, my closely-held thought is a truth that shows no sign of wavering. We must continue to ask ourselves what is the real meaning of our mission statement: “To act for the world, act for people.”
It means free expression uninhibited by existing boundaries. It means a spirit that plays, a spirit that learns. And it means that at the heart of everything, there is an excitement that comes from acting for people and acting for society. That excitement becomes a motivating force and serves to carve an unwavering conviction in our hearts that through our business we can help make a better society.

Message from the president

Tomonari Sato Representative Director,President and CEO Human Holdings Co., Ltd.
Tomonari Sato
Representative Director,
President and CEO
Human Holdings Co., Ltd.

Society and the economy change like a whirlwind daily in Japan. People's attitudes towards life are also changing greatly yet sometimes wavering. Many have started asking themselves, “What should I be living for? How should I be living?” People wish that they could find a clear purpose and live a fulfilling life full of energy and self-confidence.
Through learning and work, people gain the ability to define themselves within society, gain self-confidence and pride and live a life full of joy and excitement. This process is one that we at Human Holdings call “SELFing” – the process of establishing oneself.
Through “SELFing”, we are able to find the brilliance within ourselves and work towards our goals and dreams. This gives us the motivation to increase our skills and knowledge further so that we can achieve even greater goals and dreams. Human Holdings continues to add new energy in the circle of symbiosis and growth between people and society through the realms of education, employment, and welfare.
Through “SELFing”, each individual begins on a path to a more fulfilling life, contributes to the development of businesses and organizations, and finally works to change society for a more rich and beautiful future. By supporting individuals through the “SELFing” process, Human Holdings as a whole also achieves “SELFing” itself as an organization. We will continue to strive for our goal of a society that freely draws out the potential of everyone.