Company Profile

Corporate Identity

To act for the sake of the world,
you must first act for people.

Everything originates from people
The most valuable resource on Earth is people

Our mission is to contribute to the development of society through our hard work.

The Human Concept

People who search for themselves.

Find for yourself the life that fits you best by realizing the potential locked within you, expand your capabilities and play an active role in society.
This is SELFing offered by Human. Human supports you in SELFing.

Business Model

Forever expanding the growth of people and society

The major characteristic of Human is that it is the foundation link that helps people grow and go out into society. And this becomes the cornerstone for personal and societal growth.

Human considers the types of capabilities that society demands in people. Keeping this firmly in mind, Human searches both for ways to cultivate such capabilities and help determine their future appropriately. Human keeps up with the latest changes in society and sends people to places that are best suited for them. Companies receiving these people will benefit by realizing improvement, innovation, and growth of the company itself.

Value Promise

SELFing Loop of Growth

We work towards helping every person find the brilliance inside themselves, try out their dreams in society and return to continue developing themselves. Human promises to continue adding new energy to the circle that connects human and societal growth.

Through SELFing (the process of establishing oneself), Human leads each individual to the self-confidence and pride, joy and passion of self-definition.

By helping people find their place in society, Human leads businesses and organizations to states of growth and evolution, thus helping to create a more rich and beautiful future for society.

SELFingSelf Defining and Development

"Selfing" is the process of establishing oneself.