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We work towards helping every person find the brilliance inside themselves, try out their dreams in society, and return to continue developing themselves.
Human promises to continue adding new energy to the circle that connects human and societal growth.

Through SELFing (the process of establishing oneself), Human leads each individual
to the self-confidence and pride, joy and passion of self-definition.

By helping people find their place in society, Human leads businesses and organizations to states of growth and evolution,
thus helping to create a more rich and beautiful future for society.

SELFing=Self Defining and Development


All of us who participate in the activities at Human keep the following three points at the forefront of our minds in order to push people's abilities to the limits and help people grow.


"Look" (appearance) for people at Human is clean, stylish, and refined. People at Human should glow with cheer and individuality, and overflow with vitality.


"Speak" (way of speaking) for people at Human is logical and full of useful information with clear suggestions. People at Human should speak with a smile on their faces and with passion and humor to express their humanity with others. And above everything else, people at Human must be good listeners.


"Act" (actions and behavior) of people at Human is polite and speedy, kind and sympathetic. People at Human should faithfully uphold promises. People at Human also should be self-reliant and overflowing with confidence.


We at Human tie people and society together, supporting the growth of both. We have taken this task upon ourselves, and that is why we at the Human Group uphold the following Group personality.

We consider the above to be aspects of our brand personality. By always keeping these at the front of our minds, we work to provide the quality that you can expect from Human.