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photoStarting from the backbone of the Human Academy education program, we have expanded into a comprehensive recruitment service. We discover people who will play an active role in society, and without overlooking their feelings towards work, we push their experience and skills to the limits in order to help realize those feelings. In this way, we give new energy to both people and society.

Personnel Support

Recruiting Agent
From management to general workers, we cover a wide variety of positions and job types. A career adviser interviews each job applicant to assess the applicant's skills and personality, and we introduce only the best persons for the job.
Referral-based Temporary Dispatch
A job applicant works as a temporary employee, and after a set period of employment, if both employer and employee agree to the terms, the job applicant enters into an employment agreement as a full-time or contract employee. This creates a risk hedge in terms of employment and reduces total costs.
Temporary Staffing
From our pool registered applicants and their wide range of job skills, we select the personnel based on the required time, required period, and required number of people in order to meet customers' needs and give an immediate boost to their competitive edge.
Engineers (Specialized Dispatch/Contract Workers)
We employ a constant pool of engineers and technicians, allowing us to introduce personnel with both high technical abilities and people skills. We have secured distinguished and international personnel from within Japan and around the world, making full use of training programs.
Part-time Job Recruiting Agent
There are many cases where select use of part-time staff, used for situations such as augmenting numbers during busy periods, can help companies give their full and undivided attention to their core business. We provide a service that helps customers reduce the labor and cost associated with hiring practices while simultaneously giving a risk hedge in terms of employment.
International Recruitment Consulting
We provide a service for introducing foreign personnel, with a focus on personnel in China. We can introduce the best personnel to meet your needs, including applicants within China, Chinese applicants in Japan looking for an opportunity to return home, and Japanese applicants looking for an opportunity to work abroad.

Management Support

We provide total support for meeting your organization's objectives, from designing an attack plan, to enacting the plan, to analyzing the results. Furthermore, we support customers by providing an outsourcing service that takes over the work handled by temporary or dispatch employees.
Re-employment Support
We provide support for people who have left one job and are looking for a new place of employment. We provide the support through the following: enacting individual counseling, proofreading resumes, performing practice interviews, holding seminars for different industries taught by former employees of said industry, and introducing a new place of employment.
Employment Support for Young Workers
Whether you are a college student looking for work or a young student who is finding your first job is not a good match, we provide full support for young workers' employment choices by providing services that improve the skills needed to find employment, such as providing employment information, holding seminars, or performing individual counseling.
With training programs that use the skills and knowledge from Human Academy, we provide an ideal employee training service that meets the needs for training employees whose jobs are becoming more diversified. Not only can we provide customized training to meet the employer's needs, but we also provide a member-only training service that members can use for a flat fee.
Recruitment Consulting
From the "Human Consulting Farm", our pool of carefully picked consultants, we provide support for realizing your management goals, including personnel system consulting that uses our knowledge about training and supply of workers, and support for the management system structural that becomes the foundation of your management.
We offer a wide variety of support for the nursing industry. We operate the nursing employment and career change support information website, "Nurse's Friend", pair potential job applicants with the best medical or welfare organization, and deal in the intra-hospital examination support system, "Dr. Receipt".