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The biggest feature of businesses under the Human Group is the connection between businesses that train people and those that send people into society.
With businesses involving elements such as recruitment, education, and nursing that focus around people, the Human Group becomes the cornerstone for growth of both individuals and society. We ask ourselves what kind of workers society needs. We stay on top of the latest trends in society and use this information to train workers while planning the best possible pairings between people and business, and people and society. Simultaneously, we look for potential in a wide variety of fields and expand those markets, even abroad. In other words, we are in the business of endlessly expanding the circle that connects human and societal growth.

Human GroupGroup Corporate Map
Shanghai Human Resource Co., Ltd.
Expansion of the recruiting agent business and international recruiting business within China
Focus on recruiting agent business in China since establishment in March 2003 in Shanghai. Since the Labor Contract Act went into effect in January 2008, the steps in the employment process have placed a growing emphasis on personnel selection in terms of the employment of local staff. With this in mind, we help companies employ local staff within China by providing the same quality of service that one might find within Japan.
Human (Shanghai) Commerce Consultants Co., Ltd.
Consulting for the international recruiting business
Established in November 2007 in Shanghai. With focus on our international recruiting business, we provide support for the success of Japanese companies in China through personnel and hiring.
at human USA
English language school established in southern California
Established in February 2002 in San Diego, California. We meet the needs of students from around the world with programs that include studies to move on to affiliated universities in the USA, internships for improving career skills, and sports programs.
教育事業 人材関連事業 介護事業 その他事業 Human Academy Co., Ltd. Human Resocia Co., Ltd. Daijob Global Recruiting Co., Ltd. Human Holdings Co., Ltd Human Lifecare Co., Ltd. Human Sports Entertainment Co., Ltd. Dashing Diva International Co., Ltd.