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photoHuman Lifecare has expanded into a wide range of nursing services throughout Japan, from home care to assisted living-based care, with the Nursing Division becoming one-stop service for nursing needs. Our goal is to become the best service for body, mind, and soul by providing the optimal nursing service for each individual patient and helping to create an environment where the client's family can rest easy with smiles on their faces.
Home Nursing Support (Care Planning)
Staff with national certification in primary nursing care or support create a care plan according to the patient's and family's wishes, and then provide optimal support for care in the patient's own home.
Day Service
In an effort to become like the public bath houses that acted as the community social spot in days gone by, we provide a service that includes bathing, rehabilitation exercise, and recreation in order to help patients pass the day in a fun, lively manner.
Home-based Nursing
The purpose of this community-based service is to provide support for the self-reliance of the elderly, physically handicapped, and mentally handicapped.
Small Scale, Multi-purpose Home Nursing
We provide a heartfelt service to the elderly in the community that includes 24 hour, 365 day support with commuting, overnight-stay, or house-call nursing service.
Communual Care for Cognitive Impairments (Group Home)
For patients who are diagnosed with cognitive impairments such as dementia, we provide a communal living space that respects individual personalities within a family-type environment.
Communual Care for Tenants in Specialized Facilities (Nursing in Paid Assisted Living Facilities)
The home where people feel most at peace is their hometown. We provide an environment where patients and their families can live happily and with peace of mind.
Day Service Franchise
We have taken the achievements of our long-running day service and expanded into a local community-based franchise.